What ?

2022 APEC YES Challenge is oriented in the following principles.

*As the official language of APEC, English will be used during the 2022 APEC YES Challenge.
Who ?
  • 2022 APEC YES Challenge welcomes all undergraduate,graduate and postgraduate students with mentors.
  • At least two students and one mentors for each team. However, limited by five students, and three mentors who are not limited in academic circle.
  • Teams from related APEC member economies are especially welcomed to attend YES Challenge.
  • We suggest that teams may consist of interdisciplinary members.
Registration & Concept Notes

Each team is supposed to upload two A4 pages of Concept Notes (CN) that matches with the requirements of competition. Please download the CN from our website, complete and upload it before 15 July 2022. Max 5MB PDF file.
Format link : Download
Fill out a registration form online including an overview of your preliminary ideas based on the following points :


The chairman of referee committee of ACABT will invite experts and professors of green economy across APEC economies to score the CNs.


    • The selected semi-pitch teams are limited, in which no more than 2 teams in each APEC  economy. APEC ACABT will publish the enrolled list on 8 July 2022. ACABT has the right and final decision to select the funding teams.
Semi-Final Round

There will be the requirements of courses, materials, procedure, work formats, learning frequency, time intervals, norm and standard of scoring. The learning activities are:

1. Actively participating in module course learning.

2. Presenting the learning result related to your CN in form of a film (MP4) no more than 2 minutes, and uploading the film to the Google Drive .


Marking Criteria


The online scoring will be weighted by content(100 pts), including the following categories :


    • The finalist list of 2022 APEC YES Challenge will be published on 15 August 2022.
Final Round
For the hybrid Final-pitch, you will present your Final-pitch slides (PPT, Prezi or Keynote) with a short film no more than 2 minutes.


    • The organizer may cancel the qualification of any team at any time if they are found to get involved in counterfeiting, plagiarism, etc., and will be disqualified from all kinds of awards.
    • he published works will be selected and presented on the official websites.

Marking Criteria



The scoring will be weighted by content and oral presentation, including the following categories :

Content (50 pts)


Oral presentation (50 pts)


    • Performance( 25 pts)
    • Q & A (25 pts)

** The first Final-pitch test run will be on 12 September 2022, and the pitch schedule will be decided and announced on 14 September 2022.

** The Final-pitch presentation and award ceremony will be held on 16 September 2022.

** ACABT has the final decision to select the winning and awarded teams.