When ?

  • 2020/07/31

    Deadline: Registration & Preliminary Round Each team uploads two A4 pages (12-point font, double spaced) of the preliminary plan that matches with the requirements of 2020 APEC YES Challenge.
  • 2020/08/20

    Announcement of Semi-Pitch The teams that enter Semi-pitch need to register on a MOOCs platform before Semi-pitch round starts.
  • 2020/08/25-9/25

    Start Semi-pitch Round 1 Module 1 online for participatory learning
  • 2020/09/26-10/25

    Start Semi-pitch Round 2 Module 2 online for participatory learning
  • 2020/11/10

    Announcement of the Finalists The teams that enter Final pitch need to participate the 3-Day Events (Workshop, Offline final presentation, and Demo site visit/ Technical Tour) in Taichung, Chinese Taipei on 18-21 December 2020.
  • 2020/11/10-11/30

    Start Online Final Pitch Upload Final Pitch Proposal/Video
  • 2020/11/18

    Invited only
  • 2020/11/19

  • 2020/12/20

    YES Challenge Offline Final Pitch
  • 2020/12/21

    Technical Site Visit

Note: The schedule might be adjusted at any time.